Welcome to STEMAcademy Blog. In today’s blogpost, we will learn about 5 different Awesome animation projects that can be done using Adobe Animate.

But first “What is Adobe Animate?”

The Adobe Animate is a computer animation program that is used for designing vector graphics and animation. It is developed by Adobe systems

The Adobe animate is a useful tool for designing animation characters and it has been in television programmes like The Midnight character, Solar Opposites, My Little Pony: Pony Life, PowerBirds and other cool television animation series animation.

Before we jump into our 5 awesome animation projects? Let us understand some concepts

Animation is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images.

Adobe Animate uses two types of animation:

  1. Frame-by-Frame: Traditional animation, images are placed one after another to give the illusion of movement such as 1-2-3-4-5-6.
  2. Tweening: We provide the computer with a start and end point, then the computer generates the frames in between such as 1 – 6.

Adobe Animate uses vector-based objects. It is made from mathematical equations rather than pixels. This means every shape you draw in Animate can be scaled without losing quality. Cool, right?

Adobe Animate is used for:

  1. Frame by frame animation.
  2. Web Animation
  3. Web Banners and Adverts
  4. Flash games and much more.

This is the Adobe Animate design interface.

Now, let’s look at the 5 awesome animation projects you can create with the Adobe Animate.

These projects were created by our Creative design students at  [STEM]Academy.io. Interested in joining us? Click here to enrol.


Windmill is an Adobe Animate project which uses inbuilt shape to draw objects (Windmill parts and ground). The windmill parts are joined together to rotate on the ground.

Windmills are machines that convert energy from the wind into useful work by rotating.


Butterfly movement is an Adobe Animate project which has one imported object(butterfly) and forest (background image), Butterfly object is being converted to a symbol in order to edit the image. 

Butterfly movement uses a classic motion guide layer to move in different directions. The butterflies in this project move around the forest.

This project uses a browser to test the final result in which the link can be shared. 


The traffic light is an Adobe Animate project which has one imported object(car), Traffic light object uses inbuilt shape to draw object light.

The traffic light has three colors, which changes at a particular point on the frame. When the car moves, it then waits when the light is red, moves again when the light is green.


Shaking cup with fluid is an Adobe Animate project which uses inbuilt shape to draw objects such as cup and fluid. Adobe Animate is used to animate the cup and fluid inside it to shake.


Interested in making a career in animation? We can support you through the building process.

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 There is so much more you can do with the Adobe Animate, so many exciting creative animation projects. We provide an instructor-led curriculum that will lead you from beginners’ level till you become proficient.

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