What comes to your mind when you hear the term Robotics? Huge machines, human-like robots, too much complexity; right? Now you must be thinking that what is robotics for kids? How can children learn something so difficult at such an early age?

Well, it is undeniable that it is a complex subject but it is also true that if something can be engagingly presented to the children, they can learn it a lot faster than many adults. It is taught to children these days as an introduction to electronics for kids. Robotics courses are developed in such a way that children learn while they play.

Robotics is a branch of STEM that includes constructing, operating, designing, developing and applying codes that will make a robot work. Robotics courses for kids are a great idea for those parents who want to make their kid future-ready.

How can Robotics help Kids?

The few essential skills that children learn in robotics classes:

Basic Programming: Robotics classes let the children develop their own programs for their robots. This teaches kids how to assemble robots, work on programming languages, interfaces etc

Analytical skills: The basic concept of maths is easier for kids to understand when engaged with robots like Beebot. Children find it thrilling when they witness robots respond via simple maths like subtraction, addition etc.

Understanding of Science: Robotics for kids helps them understand theories on solar power, electricity, etc. This also helps them have a better understanding of ideas of physical science like tension, force etc.

Designing thinking: Engaging kids with robotics, help them get an idea about designing and functioning in engineering. Building a robot includes different concepts like mechanics, electrical engineering etc thus exposing the children to the world of engineering.

5 easy ways kids can learn robotics

  1. Register your kids for the upcoming Easter Camp: If you want your kids to learn more about Robotics, try enrolling them at Brainiacs STEM and Robotics Easter and Summer Camps.
  2. Purchase a Brainiacs Arducar Robotics Kits: For older kids who are curious about how things work or want to combine coding and hardware, Our Arduino kit contains a detailed manual that enables students to build projects (with little to no assistance from a parent or adult).
  3. Give your kids a slot at our Brainiacs Genius Hour Weekend Programs.
  4. Makeblock Mbot Robot Kit: Makeblock, a leading brand in STEM toys, introduced the mBot robot kit to help get kids more interested in science, engineering, and technology, the little robot is controlled by a dedicated iOS or Android app to teach the basics of coding and programming. The mBlock Blockly app uses a scratch-based programming application, so many kids are already familiar with this type of coding. Older kids can use the more advanced mBlock software to program their bot. Purchase at letslearn.ng shop.
  5. Beebot: This small programmable robot introduces kids to robotics using simple programs. Kids learn the importance of sequences in programming using the Beebot. Children develop and debug their sequences before programming the actual device then share their findings. Beebot is such a well-designed robotics learning tool for age 3-7, that not only serve as an entry mechanism but also as a vehicle to extend other learning areas because of its simple programming structure.

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