James: I noticed that you are always working on STEMacademy files anytime I take a peep at your laptop screen. What is STEMAcademy? 

Stemacademy.io is a Virtual Academy Platform that offers blended learning and an instructor led curriculum, preparing learners for a successful STEM-related Career through mentoring and coaching by industry experts, thereby setting the pace for the fourth industrial revolution. 

At STEM Academy, we nurture learners towards discovering their talents and excelling in today’s global talent market. We also focus on the following:

  • That learners complete their modules and any associated capstone projects issued at the end of the modules.
  • We help learners develop a blended portfolio of experience which integrates core STEM skills supported by 21st century requisite soft skills, business and project management skills. We also ensure that out learners are imbibed with professional ethics to attract job opportunities by top technology companies across the globe. 
  • We aim to foster innate problem-solving skills in order to create future founders of fortune 500 companies.

James:  oh Ok. Is it the same as my after school lesson? 


Unlike other STEM platforms where learners are left to their own mental devices on deducing facts from recorded videos, STEMAcademy.io provides a blended learning system that’ll leverage on Interaction with seasoned Instructors or Mentors either individually or in small groups to ensure that learners get the required support to help them in their learning path  based on relevant skills sets and tools in their preferred career paths. Some of our amazing key features are:


  • Live lectures from professional STEM educators.
  • Unique mentorship programme for learners 
  • End of term Capstone projects
  • STEM courses, soft skills and entrepreneurship courses
  • Tailor-made learning curriculum. 
  • Flexible timetable to meet with learners’ schedule 


Our learners are given an opportunity for quarterly mentoring engagements with seasoned industry players to help you make sense of the dynamic world of technology entrepreneurship in addition to the support they get from our instructors. The mentoring scheme:

  •  highlight industry trends, 
  • top skills required 
  • as well ethics and professional conduct.

James: Ok that’s Great. But how does the programme work?

Very Simple.

Every student that registers on our platform is given the chance to pick from four career paths which are complemented by other courses like the soft skills and the business ethical modules.

Each career path is further broken down into levels like this

We know that the journey towards a successful career is challenging, we will support you to make it painless with a great show of empathy and mentorship for learners in all age groups and proficiency.

James: I love this. How do I tell my friends to register?
You can ask them to visit https://stemacademy.io/enroll/ and select one of the subscription packages, make payment and begin an amazing and exciting academic year with STEMAcademy.io

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