We are a virtual STEM Academy that provides hands on project-based learning for our learners to prepare them for a successful career in the 21st Century workplace. 

At STEM Academy,  we help our learners discover themselves and nurture them to excel in today’s global talent market. We ensure that learners complete their modules and any associated capstone projects issued at the end of the modules.We help learners develop a blended portfolio of experience which integrates core STEM skills supported by requisite soft, business, project management skills and professional ethics to attract job opportunities by top technology companies across the globe. We foster problem-solving skills to create the founders and co-founders of future corporations.


To be the most preferred virtual STEM Academy that nurtures the next generation of technology entrepreneurs.


To create a platform for learners across age groups to be guided through intensive coaching by deploying well trained and highly motivated instructors supported by accomplished industry practicing mentors.


STEMAcademy is a virtual learning platform that adopts a blended learning system that allows learners the flexibility to learn and deepen their knowledge in key skills such as:


  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Effective Communication

At [STEM]Academy.io, we help our learners discover themselves and nurture them excel into the global market.

We know that the journey towards a successful career is challenging, we will support you to make it painless with great show of empathy and mentorship for learners in all age groups and proficiency.