It’s not uncommon to see teenagers with innovative ideas. In recent times, lots of organizations, governments and entrepreneurs are in search of these young talents. Just a few days ago the “TechGirls” application ended and now the Blue Ocean High Competition is open for teenagers to show the world what they are made of.

Wondering what the Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition is? It is the most prestigious pitch competition for high school students in the world. Being a free virtual competition, it attracts high school-aged entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Every year, individuals or teams pitch their inventive business concepts to experienced entrepreneurs, they receive feedback on their ideas, join a community of like-minded students, and compete for thousands in cash prizes. 

Are you excited? You should be because it is a great opportunity for you to gain some invaluable, practical skills and expand your horizons. Joining this competition will bring out the creative and problem-solving part of you, enable you to learn the act of setting goals, build your self-confidence, give you a great sense of achievement and build your mental toughness. Resilience, perseverance and tenacity are skills necessary to survive in this era, applying for this competition will arm you with these skills and again give you the opportunity to learn new practical concepts.

The fear of execution of ideas or projects is one that lots of teens find overwhelming and this can be overcome by joining this competition as it will help you overcome the fear of execution.

STEM academy encourages teenagers with bright ideas to learn, play and explore. Enough of too much talk, 

Would you like to compete in this most prestigious pitch competition?

Are you a high school student?
Are you serious about entrepreneurship?
Would you like to compete in this most prestigious pitch competition?

  • It’s simple, come up with an idea,
  • Form a team or compete individually
  • Differentiate yourself using Blue Ocean concepts
  • Create a video of about 5 minutes
  • Submit before February 18th 2022
  • Get feedback from professionals
  • Win money and get global recognition.

Do you want to know the prizes?

$1,000 for the first position
$750 for the second position
$500 for the third position
$750 for people’s choice based on YouTube likes

Click on the link below to apply

Should you need help either as a high school student or as a teacher blessed with innovative high school students, don’t hesitate to contact us on stemacademyio@gmail.com

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