Every 27th of May is set aside to celebrate children in Nigeria; This year was not an exemption.

At STEMacamy.io, we celebrated the children’s day by showcasing the talents of our youngsters through an hour coding sprint. The Coding sprint allowed our students to show their creativity and time management skills through what they have learnt during their time with us. 

STEAM skills are a must-have in this generation and every child deserves to express, create, and innovate using technology.

On this day, we had three young innovators showcasing their programming skills on different projects.

The first innovator; A 9-year old programmer, Muhammad Al-Amin Musa took us through a detailed step by step process in building a BMI calculator. This project was chosen, according to him, to help people who want to lose weight and also to be aware of health risks.

The calculator was built using the python programming language.

The second innovator; An 8-year old programmer, Ojelabi Daniel worked on a project he titled “Ninja Dash” because of his love for Ninjas. This project was created using Scratch programming.

Lastly, we had another 8-year old innovator, Oluwajare Farinre, whose love for doughnuts led him to create a game that allows a flying cat to hunt doughnuts for its survival.

It was such an amazing hour for our innovators as they had the opportunity to show the world their skills. 

To see a recap of the programme, click this link  https://youtu.be/7Oah0PX73wY to watch this amazing talents on our youtube channel. 

You can also be a part of this programme by sending us an email to Temi@stemacademy.io

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