Coding is no longer a skill reserved for the very intelligent programmers or the IT nerd that his colleague or classmate hardly notice. It is now a basic skill required to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. You might not be a super coder that creates the next biggest cloud-based technology but being good at coding open up opportunities to become better.

Even though a lot of people get intimidated when they see lines of codes or are even if they are required to understand few lines from it, it is not actually as difficult as it seems. It can be likened to a huge complex building, whose building blocks are simple 3″ x 2″ x 8″ bricks. It usually starts that small.

And to make this more interesting, lines of codes are just English phrases that are used to give commands that should be executed line-by-line by the computer.

Programming codes

It easy to start coding, and just like our muscles develop and grow bigger when we exercise regularly, we also get better when we code daily.

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Let’s take a look at some of the career options that will be available to you when if you choose to path the coder’s path.

Junior Developers

This is the role at the forefront of most Coders’ minds. Developers often continue coding until the most senior levels, making it the perfect route for fans of technicalities and problem-solving. At a junior level, it’s a job that can be acquired with 0 to 3 years experience and involves writing simple scripts, whilst understanding an application lifecycle alongside the databases and services used to create them.

Data Scientist

Using the work of the Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists analyse the data to uncover important insights that can be used as a forecast for the future, influencing significant figureheads, such as blue-chip firms, with key decisions. Experience may be required with a variety of sources from the likes of clickstreams, social media and GPS plots, but the position gives the opportunity to lead a company into an innovative future and can be extremely rewarding.


Programmers lead on from the development team. Taking the program designs, they turn them into instructions that a computer can follow. It may take a degree to get to the position, but it’s a strong driving role for anyone who likes to write codes for software programs.

Senior Developers

When reaching a more senior level, Coders write more complex applications and are well experienced in every area of software. The senior-level involves user analysis, designing web frames for both UX and UI and managing schedules to ensure completion before deadlines. This is the primary step on the development ladder before reaching management, being the favourable position for developers to stay in. The role also gives big thinkers a platform to jump off, should they want to become a Chief Technology Officer of a growing business or new start-up.

These are a few of the very many options available in the market, be sure to check out our career path here to see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

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