Data Science Bootcamp will get you ready and equipped with all the knowledge needed to become a world-class data scientist. It is no longer news that data science is the best career for today and the future. While everyone is joining the hype, wouldn’t you rather learn what it takes to stand out from this teeming population?

The bootcamp will teach you from ground up how to use python for data science and Machine learning, giving you all the secret keys to be ahead of your peers at every point of the bootcamp.

Search no further, this is the right bootcamp for you!

In our intensive bootcamp, you get to….

Build your portfolio with amazing and convincing projects

Build a good and strong connections with amazing people in the field

Have a certificate of completion of the program

What you will learn:

  • Python fundamentals for data science
  • Data analysis using Pandas
  • Data visualization using Matplotlib
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Specialization Track (Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing/Data Science for Business)

Sign up to reserve your sit as we will only admit limited number of students. The bootcamp will last for 8 Weeks.

Guess you are eager to know the Industries you can work with? Almost every companies that utilizes data

Information and Telecommunication sector

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Banking and Finance Industry

Energy Sector


STEMAcademy follows a unique model; this model will ensure that all of our learners complete their course.

  • Orientation Week: The first week is orientation week. During this week, you will be introduced to other participants in the class and you will learn how to use the learning tools provided.
  • Weekly Goals: On other weeks, you will have learning goals set for each week. The goals will include watching the video lectures and completing the assignments. All Assignments have weekly deadlines, which sums up to be a part of your assessment.
  • Recorded Video Lecture: These will be placed on the student’s dashboard by the course faculty. All learners are expected to watch the videos as they will be part of assessment scores and weekly discussions.
  • Weekly Articles: Each Students will be expected to read and write articles which will be publish on their medium page
  • Doubt Clarification Day: There will be selected days where group discussions will be held to discuss challenges faced with the content and to help clarify any doubts.
  • Follow-up: STEMAcademy support Team follow up via emails and phone calls with learners who are unable to submit their assignments on time or misses a class.
  • Continuous Course Access: You will continue to have access to course videos and learning materials for up to 12 months from the course start date.


At STEMAcademy we do not just give you the technical skills that you require, we also train you on the Non-Technical skills that you deserve. By registering for this Bootcamp, you automatically qualify for our Soft-skills package that includes Technical Writing, Communication skills, Skills Monetization, and a lot more.


  • World Class curriculum and Teaching by experienced STEMAcademy Instructors
  • Peer to peer Interaction learning circle
  • Work on real projects
  • CV clinics
  • Portfolio Development
  • Have a certificate of completion of the program