Data science is changing several industries around the world, from e-commerce to hospitality and so many others. 

In this radical revolution, the power sector is not left out, as data science can be an instrumental tool in the evolution of the power sector.

Every time you flip the light switches in your house and the power does not come on, you usually remember how necessary the power sector is. We all are grossly dependent on the power sector for most of our activities and one way to help make their services better is to leverage the power of data science.

In the course of this post, I will take you through a few areas where data science can be of benefit to the power sector.

First, the growing decarbonization and decentralization of energy grids requires more flexible solutions – and this is where Data Analytics can be applied. Data enables real-time management of the grid infrastructure.

Also, data science helps in ​​​​​​​predicting the likelihood of power outages. Researchers at Texas A&M University built the framework for a big data model that shows vulnerable electricity assets and indicates possibilities of when outages could happen. Using that information, electricity providers can take preventive measures against outages.

Furthermore,  energy theft may be regarded as one of the most expensive types of theft. Therefore, great efforts are applied to prevent it. To predict and prevent energy theft, big energy companies monitor energy flows to react immediately to some suspicious matters. The companies tend to shift to Advanced Metering Infrastructures, which are capable of reporting on the energy use instances and remote controlling.

Another way that the energy industry relies on data scientists is to learn how collected information could provide information that reduces energy expenditures. Some companies in the sector still have outdated methods of recordkeeping and analysis, such as using spreadsheets. But, data scientists equip power plant managers to see what causes wasted energy and work to fix those issues. Sometimes, data scientists use machine learning to predict possible issues before they happen.

To explore the capabilities of Data Science in the energy sector,  you can attend the  Masterclass in Data Science in the Power Sector on the 17th of October 2020 by 5 pm WAT. 

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Some of the benefits of attending the webinar are:

  1. You will learn the practical areas of applications and deployment of Data Science in the Power sector
  2. Examine the concept of data science in the power sector.

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