Frequently Asked Questions


We encourage our users to make prompt payment to start enjoying the modules and classes. We also understand that the global pandemic has affected the income in many homes. One may apply for payment in installments by sending a request to Applications are reviewed individually and decisions are taken at the discretion of the Stemacademy board.

Yes, send an email to requesting for an upgrade. An invoice with a payment link will be sent across to you.

Some features from higher packages may be available to subscribers of lower packages. However, these will attract some fees.

As stated in our terms and conditions, we do not provide refunds. Special considerations will be made for users who makes double payments or other transactional errors. However, administrative and transfer fees will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

No, instructors make preparations for every participant during the live classes l, of which they have a limited number of participants allowed to ensure everyone is well served.


Select a subscription package and make payment. The E-learning team will be in contact with you to get further information from you to determine the best level you will fit in and your choice career path.

Yes, before and at the end of every term, assessments and individual intended l interviews are carried out. You can exclude your wish to switch to a new career path and the E-learning team will take care of that.

Levels and classes are assigned based on experience and proficiency. You will be in class with other students of similar proficiency as you.

After the initial registration, an assessment form to determine your experience with some STEM tools will be sent to you. This will help our E-learning team to assign you to the best level you will fit in.

Our instructors are seasoned educators with various years of teaching STEM. They come from different STEM fields and extensively trained in educational teaching methods.

Our learners are given opportunity for quarterly mentoring engagements with seasoned industry players to help you make sense of the dynamic world of technology entrepreneurship in addition to the support they get from our instructors.

To protect the privacy of both students, parents and instructors, all communications are done via the platform. There are various ways of reaching out to instructors like course discussion forums and the official instructor email.

During the week, live classes take place between 3-5 pm GMT. The e-learning material like videos, activities and assessments are available for the students at every hour of the day to be taken at your convenient time.

Yes, a certificate with the modules taken are issued to students who satisfy the minimum requirements for the award of the certificate.

Yes, the learning will be virtual. We will make use of as many virtual tools as available. However, there are some kits that will be sent to your address via courier where you get to have a physical feel of the learning tool.

Every session is recorded and uploaded to the platform. You can watch the session if you missed it or if you want to go through the lesson again to reinforce knowledge.

You will need a computer, stable internet and power supply. Moreover, great amounts of dedication and interest will be needed. You will be contacted often to ensure you are on track to complete the modules and make the best out of the stemacademy platform.

Use any of the appropriate communication channels to direct your requests. You can use the forums or send an email to

Send an email to


The stemacademy curriculum contains a broad spectrum of modules and courses that cut across various STEM fields. The way it has been structured takes into consideration those who have no prior experience to those with years of experience.

The curriculum and focus of the embedded system is different from the curriculum in stemacademy. Stemacademy permits a student to focus on a particular field of STEM and attain proficiency in this chosen field. Embedded systems imparts skills the cut across several STEM fields.