Schools have become passive and reduced to only attending classes. Doing assignments, reading to pass tests and examinations and nothing more.

Children find it hard to remember what was taught in class. Adults struggle to remember important concepts after stepping out of classes. 

Why are learners experiencing this?

Today’s classrooms are programmed to be more theoretical than practical. Learners tend to easily understand concepts that keep them engaged; than just focusing on a speaker or screen for long hours without interacting.

Extended Reality is a term that encompasses all forms of reality; Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. Each of these terms differs in its implementation. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR): Overlays digital contents over the real world. Real World + Digital Components
  • Mixed Reality (MR): Blends the real world and digital contents which thereby enables coexistence and interaction. Real World + Digital Components + Interactions
  • Virtual Reality (VR): replaces the user’s real world environment with a virtual world. 

Some of the ways that Extended Reality or XR is shaping the education sector include:

  1. Improved Hands-on Learning: one of the struggles faced by teachers is to gain learners attention in class. XR is making this easier for teachers to capture the attention of their learners. And get them more engaged, at the same time creating more hands-on experiences for the learners.  
  2. Safer Learning Environment: Since the pandemic, the need for a safer learning environment cannot be overemphasized. Exhausting long online classes, field trips and educational tours have become a difficult learning option for learners. Virtual Reality has made it easier for students to learn beyond the four walls of their classrooms. With Virtual Reality, students can access the most inaccessible corners of the world or re-live historic events and experience it first hand. 
  1. Enhanced Collaboration; XR allows for easy collaboration between learners in different geographical locations to immersively work on projects and share ideas. 

There are so many ways Extended Reality is shaping the education sector. And more of its possibilities are yet to be explored.

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