MATLAB and SIMULINK is one of the oldest software’s used by many great engineers for some years ago till today and because of the good features it offer which come with newly upgraded version every year and its versatility that allow the use of different programming languages, it has greater advantages over the newly developed software that relies on a single or double programming languages. You may ask a question why is MATLAB and SIMULINK still in use by many great engineers for Designs? This is because MATLAB and SIMULINK have a wide range of  embedded Toolbox which serve different types of purposes. This Toolbox, can be utilized in solving or proffering solutions to engineering problems at hand.

Due to its easy and user-friendly environments, institutions of higher education choose MATLAB and SIMULINK to serve as the pathway to Engineering design ahead of all other software to teach students that are aspiring to acquire the certification of Bachelor of Technology in Engineering or Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering.  Academicians prefer using MATLAB and SIMULINK to prototype and Simulate design thereby providing values to the technological sector by designing new products instead of depending and consuming other people’s products.
If you are a graduate or an undergraduate and you are passionate about exploring more on the use of MATLAB and SIMULINK to improve in your Engineering Design most especially in the field of robotics. Well, just pose a minute and let me explain the following for a better understanding of the topic of discussion

MATLAB is also the most powerful and high-performance language that is used in technical computing. It is used for matrix calculations and developing an algorithm; we also used it for creating UI and data visualization and allows you to run the programs that have been created in any other programming language to solve the problems which use mathematical notations.

SIMULINK is a visual programming interface designed to make modelling systems intuitive. It offers a way to solve equations numerically using a graphical user interface, rather than using code.   


  • Robotics System Toolbox is useful in the design and simulation of a robot with a different degree of freedom. such as robotics arm used for picking and placing of materials in the industries and school laboratories

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  • The communication toolbox is useful in industries like telecommunications systems, telephonic systems, aerospace systems, and computer peripherals systems.

The signal processing system toolbox is useful for audio and video image processing systems. For example, the scanning machine and digital tape system.

The control system toolbox is used to designing automatic control systems. For example, Washing machines and Cameras. 

The Fuzzy Logic Toolbox provides the tools for designing, simulating, and analysing fuzzy inference systems.

The math function toolbox is used for the symbolic computation, variable arithmetic functions.

Now that you know that MATLAB and SIMULINK remain the best software for solving engineering problems, you must be passionate about bridging the gap of your theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge by applying the learn by doing method.

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