Samuel Ayo


Ayo Samuel is a facilitator and content developer at STEMAcademy.io, IT specialist, Microsoft Azure
cloud certified, Programmer, an Economics academic of the University of Lagos and Program
manager at LetslearnTV.

Ayo is skilled in Management, Game design, Web design, Python programming language, Database
programming. He is a seasoned and highly competent individual, who utilizes well-developed
technical and interpersonal skills to provide solutions to real world problems.

Outside the corporate eyes, Ayo enjoys singing, reading, research and online certifications. He has
course certifications on

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Communicating in the Language of Leadership
  • Leading with Innovation
  • Managing Team Creativity and other.

Ayo is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and remains enthusiastic about AI engineering.