Summer of 2020 and we’re still reeling from the effect of the Pandemic. Although I’d expected a post-apocalyptic scene like the movies.  Life, as we know, has shifted to a new normal i.e. Closed School, Halted Economy, etc.

Initially, it was fun knowing the long break presents enough time to drown in Netflix and some new PS4 exclusive titles (God of War…. I can already envisage the storyline battle in Norse mythology) no plans returning to my books or any academic routine soon.

It was all excitement and fun till I heard snippets of a conversation about Mom being laid off from work. Curiously I looked up “Laid off” on google… and saw stories about lots of Businesses downsizing and halting operations to survive the Pandemic till normalcy returns.

 These question plagued my mind :

  • What if this is the new normal?
  • Would Dad still have his Job?

The feeling of grimness keeps looming every time these thoughts take centre stage.  I’d miss my Netflix, my games and not to mention even basic supplies would be rationed if Dad is also being laid off.  

The Pandemic has exposed a lot of grey areas in our current way of life; fast forward a few days later, I had the tone of the conversation during dad’s remote meeting; it wasn’t pleasant. The grim feeling sufficed, he met my expression and was inclined to have a conversation afterward.

We talked about relevance, this led the conversation to the article: Stem education and the future of work, he read about the future of work and an upcoming program that nurtures learners on STEM career paths. 

It’s no secret that jobs of the future will require a basic understanding and a well-rounded knowledge of STEM.

STEM occupations are steadily growing at an amazing rate over the years. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics workers play a key role in developing the future. STEM education creates and enables the next generation of innovators.

To read more of STEM education and how you can benefit from it, see this article: 4 REASONS WHY YOUR CHILD SHOULD NOT MISS THIS COHORT ON STEMACADEMY.IO

The Program challenged my capability in areas like creativity, innovation, etc. The experience was invaluable as I saw myself building real-life solutions i.e. storytelling with Animation, Application Development, Robotics, etc.

I’m elated and would advise anyone to sign up for the stemacademy.io Cohort 1 program.

You can check out 4 reasons to sign up for the stemacademy.io Cohort 1 program here 

Register for stemacademy Cohort 1 here

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