Picking a learning path for your wards can be a very stressful and powerful emotional experience. 

You may feel excitement and anticipation, but also anxiety and stress. Whether you are looking for the right platform to learn, managing the child’s expectations or contemplating the right field to place your child. There are always unknowns to manage. 

STEMAcademy.io, an online learning resource launched Career Learning Paths that helps you to find the right learning content you need to equip your wards with the right content and education they need to become proficient in the chosen career field. Each path shows a progression of learning paths – from beginners-level to proficiency level – for an in-demand field, details the skills and ethics necessary for becoming proficient in that path, maps these skills to a relevant learning program on STEMAcademy.io. With the Career Learning Paths, your wards will learn with confidence, giving you the assurance that the future of your wards is safe and they are on the right track to advance their education.  

Career Learning Paths covers four high-growth fields: Science, Engineering, Creative designs and Computing and Programming. STEMAcademy’s content strategy experts chose these fields for their steady growth, and because the skills required for success in these fields can be learned online.

As an example, consider the field of Engineering. A student who enrols for this learning path will learn basic concepts in Circuit Design, Robotics, IOT, Engineering Design where they will create amazing projects using these concepts. Your wards will learn these skills to launch their creative path in their chosen field of study.

How can you start using the Career Learning Paths? Let’s say you’re interested in one of the career paths, for example – Engineering- you can begin by exploring the Engineering career path, where you will find a general description of the field and expert-curated content for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learning modules for proficient learners. 

The curated content provides a range of learning programs, from Guided Projects that can be completed in under two hours to full fledged bootcamps programs that offers more in-depth training in the field. Examples include the Data Science Bootcamp. Once you’ve identified the right level and type of content for your goals, you can begin learning. 

In the coming months, we’ll continue to introduce more Career Learning Paths across other growing fields. Our goal is to support our learners every step of the way as they pursue their goals, by providing the world-class learning resources that are right for their unique educational journey.

Discover the next step in your learning by exploring Career Learning Paths today: 

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