MATLAB has been one of the major software used as a tool to teach many students studying different courses from the various departments by their lecturers or mentors from different educational sectors like Monotechnics, polytechnics, and universities from around the world. Over the years, some people keep on asking a similar question:

Why is MATLAB the most popular simulation tool in the academic world? 

Well I will explain to you the reason MATLAB is a tool for career development by every institution around the globe. First of all, I will start by giving you a more detailed overview about MATLAB.

MATLAB is a matrix software that is also called Matric Laboratory which comprises various programming languages that are used for technical computing. It helps in visualization and programming to enable an individual to provide a solution to real-life problems by applications of mathematical expression.

Features of MATLAB

  • Variables
  • Vectors and matrices
  • Structures
  • Functions
  • Function handles
  • Classes and object-oriented programming


Two  career fields where MATLAB is generally use are:

MATLAB was specially designed for students because of its friendly user environments and different programming languages that can be used to solve problems in mathematics and statistics. 


The majority of engineers in different fields are taking advantage of the use of MATLAB to solve related engineering problems, by converting mathematical expression to blocks thereby simulating it to the desired output.


Scientists use MATLAB more often than any other professionals.  Models are often created and simulated by Scientists and engineers using applied mathematical methods for Fourier analysis, numerical linear algebra, and solving ordinary and partial differential equations

MATLAB’s toolboxes for statistics, optimization, and parallel computing are essential tools for creating and simulating these models. This is because they use it to explore new theories. MATLAB offers the “what if” analysis, which helps one to confirm the viability of His new theory that has been evolved.

Application of MATLAB

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Software and the Internet.

Now that you have understood the reason why MATLAB is used by various educational sectors because of its different programming languages and diverse area of application in providing solutions to real-life problems, you must be thinking of how to acquire the knowledge of MATLAB and start solving engineering problems most especially in the field of robotics?

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